Błażej Marciniak


A member of Biobank staff and IT expert at BBMR-ERIC, graduated Technical University of Lodz with a master’s degree in Computer Science. Since 2005 he has been an IT specialist and a consultant in a local government companies. In 2009 Błażej Marciniak joined Testoplek project at the University of Lodz and was involved with it until the end of the project in 2014. From 2010 he has been involved in several startup experiments as well as in creation of BBMRI.pl.

During our meeting he will talk about Biobank Łodz which, in cooperation with the Department of Anthropology University of Lodz, handles the genomic characteristics of populations living in Poland. Błażej Marciniak, as an author of the project “Monitoring the occurrence of threats to civilization diseases, cancer and risk addiction among children and youth of Lodz” will try to answer the question “Can participation budget help in developing science?”

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