Carlos Boto – doDoc


Carlos Boto – I’a a PhD in Engineering System and worked in several organizations around the world. I’m an inventor of a light-activatable nanoformulation that is patent pending, with potential applications from cancer research to regenerative medicine. I’m responsible for project management of international projects for several years, having successfully managed multidisciplinary teams from 27 different nationalities. Now I’m a co-founder at doDOC (Techstars ’15), where I lead the business development, operations and sales of the company.

doDOC ( offers biopharmaceutical companies a platform to manage compliance risk since the research phase by ensuring that all documentation related both with operational and regulatory procedures will be done correctly and with integrity. Such control over information has a positive and lasting impact in the quality of the work done, in the lives of all the people performing the work, but also facilitates audits and makes information transparent. This allows biopharmaceutical companies to streamline innovation and protect the public.

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