Jens Ceder


Jens Ceder received his PhD at Lund University (Sweden) in 2008, Faculty of Medicine, investigating progenitor cells and differentiation in the human prostate gland. His postdoctoral training was performed at Radboud University, the Netherlands and at York University, the UK, onprostate stem cell research. After that Dr. Ceder received an EAU-RF Research Fellowship (European Association of Urology Research Foundation) at Lund University, Malmö, Sweden, and he has investigatednovel markers and molecules in prostate cancer stem cells and cancer initiating cells. Dr Ceder is passionate about research, medicine and ideas, and recently his focus has been on creating innovations with an entrepreneurial and translational mindset. Currently, Dr Ceder is involved in the creation of two different start-up companies based on new methods to detect molecules in tissues and to target cancer cells that cause tumors to recur after initial treatment, in order to create novel treatments.


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