Josephine Worseck


Josephine Worseck – Head of Business Development at Metabolomic Discoveries- has a scientific background in the field of systems biology. Her research at the Max Planck Institute for Molecular Genetics has been focused on the integrative analysis of data derived from high-throughput ‘omics technologies. After six years of applied science she is now responsible for the consulting of scientists that want to resolve complex biological questions by metabolomics.

The Kenkodo Kit – offered by the German biotech company Metabolomic Discoveries- reveals exciting insights into the relationship between lifestyle and biochemical blood composition. Kenkodo is the first personalized metabolism analysis that combines personal lifestyle data with cutting-edge blood analytics. Users benefit from an easy and convenient blood sampling at home and insights that help to optimize well-being and to avoid diseases. The Kenkodo companion app integrates, tracks and visualizes the impact of human lifestyle in relationship to their metabolism with the aim to improve personal health outcomes.

Metabolomic Discoveries GmbH is a leading company in the field of diagnostic biomarker research. Using high-throughput GC/MS and LC/MS combined with bioinformatic methods, Metabolomic Discoveries identifies and quantifies endogenous metabolites in body fluid or tissue samples and develops them into powerful biomarkers.



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