Josiah Zayner – ODIN


Josiah Zayner left his job in NASA to run his own company: The ODIN – Open Discovery INstitute, created to support Science and Technology Research on a smaller scale.

Josiah Zayner became involved in DIY Science while pursuing his Ph.D. in Biophysics at the University of Chicago. Wanting to pursue research his advisor didn’t support, he began to do experiments at home, purchasing supplies at random places across the internet. As Josiah became more involved in the DIY Bio community he saw that most people faced the problem of finding supplies and finding them inexpensively. In March 2014 he took $2000 he had saved and started The Open Discovery INstitute, The ODIN for short. He is now helping other do amazing things by giving them access to resources that are normally only available to large, heavily funded labs and companies.